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Helping Couples Find Their Way
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Assessments, Questionnaires, and Readings

There is no cost to take any of these assessment instruments and questionnaires.  Each is on the Internet and open to public access.  I believe that each of these assessment instruments and questionnaires has value to a person's self-understanding and ability to successfully negotiate his or her relationships.  I frequently request that clients take one or more of these assessment instruments and questionnaires as part of our work together.  In addition, readings are helpful.  The ones you see here are brief, highly educational, and likely apply to your situation.  In my work with you, we follow the lines of reasoning that many of these short articles recommend.


Attachment Style (Fraley): What is your attachment style?
Click on this link:  www.web-research-design.net/cgi-bin/crq/crq.pl

Childhood Adaptations

The Life Values Inventory: What are your highest values in life?
Click on this link:  www.lifevaluesinventory.org/

Personality Type (based on the MBTI): What is your psychological type?

Explanations of the 16 Personality Types
Click on this link:  www.capt.org/mbti-assessment/type-descriptions.htm

Living an Authentic Life
True Self or False Self?

Anxiety Screening Quiz: Might your level of anxiety need treatment?
Click on this link:  www.psychcentral.com/quizzes/anxiety.htm

Depression Screening Quiz: Might your level of sadness warrant treatment?
Click on this link:  www.psychcentral.com/depquiz.htm

Couples, Marriages, and Families

The Five Love Languages (Chapman): What is your love language?
Click on this link:  www.5lovelanguages.com/ profile/

Karpman Drama Triangle: What roles do you play?
Click on this link:  https://lindagraham-mft.net/triangle-victim-rescuer-persecutor-get/

Pia Mellody's Co-Addicted Tango: What is your pattern as a couple?
Click on this link:  www.themeadows.com/blog/item/406-the-co-addicted-tango-pia-mellody-s-theory-of-love-addiction-and-love-avoidance

Berne's Three Ego States (Child, Parent, and Adult): Which is your dominant?
Click on this link:  http://thecontextofthings.com/2015/02/19/transactional-analysis-adult-parent-child/

Bowen Theory: Your family as an emotional unit influencing your behavior
Click on this link:  https://thebowencenter.org/

The Problem of Emotional Fusion


Understanding Your Parenting Style
Click on this link:  www.activeparenting.com/Parents-Parenting_Style_Quiz