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Helping Couples Find Their Way
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Professional Resume and Approach to Couples Therapy

Current Mental Health Licenses

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation (Lic. MF5798)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice (Lic. 203)

Professional Resume

Professional Resume

Approach to Couple Therapy

Should you choose me as your clinician for couples counseling, I want you to know my style.  I think this is critically important as you look around for a therapist to help you.

I predict that you will find me supportive, direct, encouraging, and challenging.


Most times, clients need a therapist who listens deeply and helps them sort through their challenges.  I do this, without bias.  You come to me so that you can voice your concerns without judgement and also to find a professional who has perspective.  I am open to what you want to say.


I’m not going to mess around and burn up your valuable time.  I listen carefully, get a good grasp of the issues and context, then get straight to the point.  I’m tactful – I’m not out to shock you.  By the same token, I want you to know what I think based on my many years of working with individuals, couples, and families.  I’ve had good success in the past.  Bottom line?  I’ll come right to the point once I’ve made a careful assessment.


My training is primarily in Adlerian psychology, and this is all about building and maintaining courage.  Alfred Adler is known for two sayings that capture the essence of how I work with you:

  • “There is a very great danger in life, and it is indeed a real one.  You may take too many precautions.”
  • "To live a full and rewarding life requires courage.  And there's only one definition of courage.  Courage is the willingness to risk failure."

I believe that you have all you need right inside you to either tolerate the situation you’re in, if that is your only option, or make changes toward a better life.

Sometimes we cannot change things, and we must learn patience and resilience.  Other times, we can “get right after it” and start making the changes we need to make.

Either way, I am going to encourage you, and encourage you, and encourage you.


I have many years of experience in helping people get “unstuck.”  There are always new ways to look at things and new solutions to be found.  Tapping the creative side of you is a direct objective -- getting you to think “outside your box.”

Sessions with me will sometimes leave you feeling dislodged from your original position – the perspective you came in with.  That’s OK.  We want it that way.  Being open to being challenged is an acknowledgement that you want to grow.  I will challenge you, though I’ll be careful not to overwhelm you.